Wiebke Jahn

Wiebke has always dreamed of a life abroad. After studying in Spain and Germany she has now settled down in her heart’s home, the Swedish Arctic region. Born in Berlin, she loves to be surrounded by different cultures and languages and has a great fascination for traveling and discovering new places.

Wiebke has been working in social media & content creation for 2 years. As a content creator, she manages various social media channels on popular platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube (Arctic for beginners). She is also the host of a German-language podcast about Scandinavia (Hej Schweden) and writes articles for online and print magazines. Through her company and in the social media space, she is currently working with several Swedish tourism destinations.

Originally, Wiebke comes from the field of education and has worked at different universities and institutions.

Her communicative skills are characterized by understanding different languages and cultures. Wiebke speaks fluent English, Swedish and Spanish and has experience in a wide variety of intercultural communication situations.

Due to her background, Wiebke offers webinars on the topics of intercultural communication in cooperation with Swedish business partners, social media management/consulting on social media strategy and content production.

Find her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wiebke-maria-jahn-73026a205