Tim Wessling & Arne Hörmann

Tim Wessling and Arne Hörmann are passionate filmmakers and travellers. Together they founded the platform 60seconds.travel in 2016. Their idea: to make endless google searches for travel destinations and their highlights obsolete.  Arne’s and Tim’s videos give their audience a feeling for a country, a city or a region – in just 60 seconds.

Their videos are authentic, humorous and compelling so it’s no surprise that 60seconds.travel has quickly gained a large worldwide fanbase and now reaches millions of curious travellers via their social media channels. In addition to 60-second portraits of destinations such as South Africa, Kenya, Bali, Patagonia and Nepal, they also produce stunning mood films and “Behind the Scenes” episodes of their journeys.

Tim and Arne have also made it into television with their innovative approach to making informative films. In the popular knowledge magazine GALILEO on ProSieben (German TV channel) they are responsible for the “100 seconds” section and humorously explain crazy traditions around the globe or internet phenomena. Arne Hörmann studied communication science and has been an editor and dubbing actor for many years.  Tim Wessling is a freelance filmmaker, editor and travel journalist.

Belinda Schaffarz

Belinda has been working in social media, marketing and PR in Germany and the UK for over 10 years. She has been heavily involved in the brand building process of tourism boards and airlines such as South African Tourism, Visit Brighton, Garda Trentino and Air New Zealand.

Her heart beats for content marketing, all things social and – hard to believe but yes – she loves project management.

In 2017, she moved to Sweden’s capital Stockholm where she is now working as a freelancer in communications.

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Anke Jobs

Anke has been working in the tourism industry for over 20 years which gained her extensive experience within PR & marketing for destinations, airlines, tour operators as well as hotels.

She began her career as a PR & Marketing Assistant for South African Airways before moving to agency side a little over 10 years ago.

Before going freelance in 2016 – to enjoy more flexibility on various PR & Marketing projects – she was the Head of the Berlin office of one of the leading PR agencies for the tourism industry in Germany, KPRN network.

Anke enjoys working with different people and cultures, creative writing and “juggling various sticks at once” – she was basically made for a PR career in the tourism and lifestyle sector.

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Daniel & Henry Barchet

Henry and Daniel Barchet stand for „Theatre of the Mind“. They are among the first German podcast producers, having already released their first German travel podcast in 2005. Their passion for audio developed from radio. Henry Barchet has been working as a radio editor for almost 30 years and is the producer of one of the most successful German travel podcasts „Audiotravels“. 22 years ago his brother Daniel Barchet founded the radio PR agency B & B Medien, which specialises in radio and podcast projects for tourism and service companies.