Katharina Schlangenotto

  • Anke Jobs

    Anke has been working in the tourism industry for more than 25 years and has gained her extensive experience in PR & Marketing while serving clients from the destination, airline, tour operator and hotel sectors. At the same time, she has an ever-growing network of contacts to media and stakeholders in the industry.

    She started her career as a PR and marketing assistant for South African Airways before moving over to the agency side 15 years ago. Until she went freelance in 2016, Anke was head of the Berlin office of one of the leading PR agencies for the travel industry in Germany.

    Anke enjoys working with other people and cultures, is excellent at navigating the strategic direction and customer journey of her clients, recommending appropriate communication channels and topics, and creative writing. She likes “juggling various sticks at once” and loves numbers – she was basically made for a PR career in the tourism and lifestyle sector.

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  • Belinda Schaffarz

    Belinda has been working in PR, social media and content marketing for over 12 years, addressing the German and UK markets. During her career, she has worked for a variety of clients from the tourism industry and as such was in charge of the communications strategy and brand positioning of destinations, tour operators and airlines. On an operative level, she has focussed intensely on media & influencer relations, social media marketing including building thriving online communities and brand collaborations.

    Belinda brings a wealth of experience in destination marketing, outstanding verbal and written communication skills across multiple channels as well as very good contacts to the German media and influencer landscape to the table.

    She’s always been very fond of Scandinavia and moved to Stockholm in 2017.

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  • Daniel & Henry Barchet

    Daniel and Henry Barchet stand for „Theatre of the Mind“. They are among the first German podcast producers, having already released their first German travel podcast in 2005. Their passion for audio developed from radio. Henry Barchet has been working as a radio editor for almost 30 years and is the producer of one of the most successful German travel podcasts „Audiotravels“. 22 years ago his brother Daniel Barchet founded the radio PR agency B & B Medien, which specialises in radio and podcast projects for tourism and service companies.

  • Katharina Schlangenotto

    Born with a passion for travel, people and writing. After working in cooperation, event and lifestyle management at Hyatt Hotels, MasterCard and American Express, Katharina worked for several years at an independent PR & marketing agency specialising in tourism. Here she was responsible for destinations and hotels, as well as for strategic planning and campaign management. The decision to become self-employed in 2014 paved new ways. PR and tourism remained as one pillar, while a clear focus on people followed. As an Easy Crazy Happy Life & Business Coach, she now supports people on their individual paths with a combination of strength coaching, yoga and happiness training. Her motto: Life is allowed to be easy.

    Katharina’s style reflects this attitude: an easy writing style, happy taking action, lots of crazy ideas and results that take you forward. www.katharina-schlangenotto.com

  • Ronnie Kohler

    For over 12 years, Ronnie has been a consultant, freelancer and specialist in marketing, communications and PR. Among others, he has worked in the hospitality and tourism sectors and the healthcare, mobility and telecommunications industries. There, he has been in charge of strategies, concept development and content creation.

    Ronnie Kohler Communications

  • Tim Wessling and Arne Hörmann

    Tim Wessling and Arne Hörmann are passionate filmmakers and travellers. Together they founded the platform 60seconds.travel in 2016. Their idea: to make endless google searches for travel destinations and their highlights obsolete.  Arne’s and Tim’s videos give their audience a feeling for a country, a city or a region – in just 60 seconds.

    Their videos are authentic, humorous and compelling so it’s no surprise that 60seconds.travel has quickly gained a large worldwide fanbase and now reaches millions of curious travellers via their social media channels. In addition to 60-second portraits of destinations such as South Africa, Kenya, Bali, Patagonia and Nepal, they also produce stunning mood films and “Behind the Scenes” episodes of their journeys.

    Tim and Arne have also made it into television with their innovative approach to making informative films. In the popular knowledge magazine GALILEO on ProSieben (German TV channel) they are responsible for the “100 seconds” section and humorously explain crazy traditions around the globe or internet phenomena. Elaborately produced corporate image films are also part of their portfolio. Their clients include large companies such as Viking Cruises and Manitowoc.

    Arne Hörmann studied communication science and has been an editor and dubbing actor for many years.  Tim Wessling is a freelance filmmaker, editor and travel journalist.

  • Wiebke Jahn

    Wiebke has always dreamed of a life abroad. After studying in Spain and Germany she has now settled down in her heart’s home, the Swedish Arctic region. Born in Berlin, she loves to be surrounded by different cultures and languages and has a great fascination for traveling and discovering new places.

    Wiebke has been working in social media & content creation for 2 years. As a content creator, she manages various social media channels on popular platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube (Arctic for beginners). She is also the host of a German-language podcast about Scandinavia (Hej Schweden) and writes articles for online and print magazines. Through her company and in the social media space, she is currently working with several Swedish tourism destinations.

    Originally, Wiebke comes from the field of education and has worked at different universities and institutions.

    Her communicative skills are characterized by understanding different languages and cultures. Wiebke speaks fluent English, Swedish and Spanish and has experience in a wide variety of intercultural communication situations.

    Due to her background, Wiebke offers webinars on the topics of intercultural communication in cooperation with Swedish business partners, social media management/consulting on social media strategy and content production.

    Find her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wiebke-maria-jahn-73026a205